A cabin crew for a holiday airline named Adam Morrison, 36-year-old, is reaching new height after losing over 3 stones with Slimming World.
“Don’t join an airline if you like predictability and routine! After more than 10 years, travelling to different places at short notice still excites me, though. It’s a great job – depending on the flight schedule, cabin crew might stay a couple of nights in the resorts, too. And now I’m slim, I’m enjoying work more than ever.
The idea of free holidays and glamorous women made him apply for this job. But the long hours in the cabin made him grab the most convenient food available in between serving passengers. Over the years this kind of lifestyle gained him more weight making his uniform tighter and tighter. At 14 stones he tried to stick with only one meal per day eating habit. He did eventually rid 3 stones but when he started dating his wife, a co-long-haul cabin crew, Nicola, he gained all those excess numbers back.
“Sustaining a romance with someone likely to be on the other side of the planet half the week was difficult. There were occasional opportunities to stay abroad overnight, but we were more likely to snatch a quick hello in the car park at Manchester airport.
He lost over 1 stone for their wedding in August 2014 but he soon regained it all after. There has to be a better way, he thought. His wife, had success with Slimming World and with her support, he jumped in, too, June of 2015.
After my first week, I wasn’t expecting to get a good result as I’d been eating so much food. I actually lost 5½lbs!
“If I felt tempted by high-Syn hotel food, I’d think about the next half-stone award that was within reach, and that usually did the trick. I told myself this was to be a complete lifestyle reboot, and that meant sticking with it – which was much easier than I’d expected. I found I genuinely preferred fresh-tasting salads and grilled meat and fish to fatty foods.
He found it easier to wheel heavy trollies up and down the aisles and open and close the lockers as time passed by. He then realized that he’s feeling much lighter himself. When he reached his target weight at 11st in December 2015, he dropped two whole uniform sizes.
How he makes it work:
If I can’t make Emma’s group because of my shifts, I’ll go to another Slimming World group that’s more convenient.
I’ll pack up a low-Syn meal to have on the plane, and also take cans of tuna in spring water (Free) or low-Syn instant pasta sachets.
Credit: slimmingworld.co.uk