A woman named Rachel Tawse from Aberdeen lost a spectacular 14 stones after joining Slimming World Online. At 29, she said the weight loss has increased her overall health, confidence, and happiness.
“I’d always been a big girl. By the time I was 14, I wore size 22 clothes. Growing up, being overweight didn’t really bother me because it didn’t affect my life too much. I still had boyfriends, lots of friends and worked full time. It wasn’t until I reached my mid-twenties when I started to notice that I was often judged because of my size. I was unsuccessful in job interviews and strangers would stare at me in the street and make horrible comments. I put on a front but deep down I was anxious and scared about going out in public.Before Slimming World, she has tried another weight loss program but unfortunately, it failed. She was always hungry and she’s just not motivated. She thought that maybe, she’s not ready yet to battle through her fight against obesity.
“The final straw came after a family holiday to Mexico in May 2015. While I was there I struggled to sit in seats that had arms. In fact, I bought my own extension belt for the plane to save myself the embarrassment of asking for one. I was also constantly tired due to the heat and sweated a lot. It was uncomfortable from start to finish.
After that holiday, she made a promise to herself that things would change. She joined Slimming World Online July of 2015 because she didn’t have the confidence to walk into group. Her husband, Gus was her ultimate support and gave her the motivation to give it a try.
“Slimming World quickly became a way of life. For breakfast I enjoy a big bowl of fruit and fat-free yogurt and I always have eggs at the weekend when I have more time to cook. Lunch is usually homemade soup like lentil, spicy tomato or vegetable broth with Ryvita (Healthy Extra ‘b’ choice) topped with Philadelphia Light (2 x 35g tubs are a Healthy Extra ‘a’ choice) and ham or chicken. My go-to snacks are fruit and low-Syn packets of crisps like Walkers French Fries.
She opted for healthy homemade dishes rather than the less-nutritious takeaways. She would cook them herself in big batches and keeping the rest in the fridge for another time.
Planning my meals two weeks in advance has really helped. I make a shopping list and only buy the foods I need. That way I’m not tempted by high-Syn foods in the supermarket that might send me off track. Come the end of the second week, there’s zero food left in my house.
She used to eat out a lot, almost 3 times a week the unhealthy habit changed since joining slimming world. She and her husband would eat out only on special occasions. When they’re out, there’s no restriction on whatever she wants to eat but making sure that she’d get back on the plan the next day. Her husband rewarded her a meal at her favorite pub when she has lost 4 stones.
“Exercise had never really interested me – until now! Before I lost weight I drove everywhere and I’d park my car as close to the supermarket door as physically possible. I started getting active by walking, parking further away from the shops and taking the stairs instead of the lift. As I lost weight, I got the exercise bug and now I love swimming (I do 50-60 lengths every morning before work) and going to Body Pump, Body Combat and Body Attack classes. I’m also learning to run, I’m determined to run a 10k with my dad this year.
Of course the slimming journey has not been easy. There have been tough times when she wanted to quit but the support of her husband, family and friends has kept her going. Her husband supported her all the way, even eating the same food she eats and never has he complained about missing sweets that used to be stored in their cupboards. Her husband savours the homemade soup that she makes.
“These days I am learning to love clothes, it’s a whole new experience for me to be able to walk into a high street shop and buy whatever I want. I still find myself thinking I shouldn’t be in certain shops. I have so much energy – I run up the stairs at home and I’ve even done hillwalking. Since losing weight I no longer suffer from a painful skin condition which saw me in and out of hospital and I can’t remember the last time I had a cold.
She shared that her doctor’s pleased with her fitness improvement.
“I feel so much happier. Last summer we went on holiday to Benidorm and I had the best time. I fitted comfortably in the seat on the plane and I didn’t even need the extension belt. It felt amazing to sunbathe without people staring at me and I could walk around in the sun all day. For the first time in my life I feel ‘normal’, just like everyone else around me – and that’s what I’ve always wanted.”