Here is my experimental Tiramisu, I have had to replace the “ladies fingers” to keep the syns low, also the mascaponi cheese but as a first attempt it was quite nice, so feel free to change any ingredients that you want to but let others know……..
sorry for the wrong glasses, I couldn’t find any!
Serves 2
2 Eggs split into yokes & whites (ff)
2 tbsp Sweetener
4 tbsp Instant Coffee in ½ cup of hot water
½ cup of Percolated Coffee
4 Rich Tea fingers (4syns/2=2 syns per person)
6 Laughing Cow extra light cheese triangles (1Hea/2=0.5 Hea per person)
10g Options Belgium chocolate (2syns/2= 1syns per person)
1tbsp of spirits of your taste (at least 4 syns/2=2syns per person)
Make the coffee and set aside to cool.
In 2 desert dishes break the biscuits, when the coffee is cold spoon over to just soften the biscuits.
Break and separate the eggs, add the egg yolks, sweetener & cheese together, mix until smooth.
In a clean glass bowl, whisk the whites until still peaks appear, carefully fold in the cheese mix with a metal spoon, making sure that you don’t mix out all the air in it.
Add the spirits if required.
Spoon the mix into the desert dishes & place in a fridge for at least 1 hr., remove and sprinkle with the Options chocolate.
Credit: Pete’s Recipe Book