Chantelle Sahan shared that after having her daughter and going back to work, she started to gain weight. Having a demanding full-time job and being a mum at the same time she had to lean on instant food most of the time. The nature and friendly environment of her work as a sales analyst called for numerous social lunch dates, snack out and parties with colleagues that all contributed to her weight gain.
“As my waistband got tighter, I made more and more excuses not to go out. I was sick of squeezing into uncomfortable shapewear before covering up with a baggy top. It was obvious how low I was feeling when I pretended I couldn’t make that Christmas party in 2013. Instead, I sat at home on my sofa.”, she confessed.
Over the next few months, she realized that there’s no more balance in her life and that she wants to spend more time with her daughter. She has quitted her job and decided to stay at home.
“Not only did my new lifestyle mean spending more time with my family, it also meant more opportunities to indulge my love of baking. Thanks to my butter-and sugar-rich culinary creations, my weight carried on going up and, before long, I was approaching a size 16. Then, walking home one day in January 2015, I saw a poster for a Slimming World group near where I lived. I thought I’d be one of those people who went, weighed and left – the moment I got there, though, I felt such an electric atmosphere that before I knew it, I was chatting away and stayed right until the end.”